Island Packet Wins Two Top Industry Awards

Press Release

December 2008, Largo, FL

The Island Packet 460 recently won national and international recognition as the winner of Cruising World magazine’s coveted 2008 Domestic Boat of the Year award. Besides being awarded the overall prize, the Island Packet 460 also won the Best Long-Distance Cruiser award.

In an event that could be described as the Sailing Industry Academy Awards, senior editor of Cruising World magazine Mark Pillsbury stated that, “…the IP 460 was a boat well designed and executed for a cruising couple. The builder took care with construction, stuck to the design brief and provided the sort of storage room and amenities needed by a voyaging couple. Under sail, the boat performed quite well.”

The Island Packet 460 and seven other boats won awards from an independent panel of experts who inspected and tested 21 nominated boats during the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis earlier this year. Decisions were based on extensive inspections and sea trials of the boats. All of the winners, along with the rest of the ’09 BOTY nominees, are featured in the January issue of Cruising World.

Founded by Bob Johnson, N.A. in 1979, Island Packet Yachts is the builder of cruising yachts from the mid-30’s to over 50 feet, sold through a network of dealers in the US, Europe and Australia. With a 125,000 square foot (12,500 sq. meter) production facility located on 10 acres in Largo, Florida, Island Packet has created nearly 2,300 cruising yachts in its 30 years. Well known as America’s Cruising Yacht Leader™, the company has won numerous awards and become renowned worldwide for their yacht’s exceptional level of quality, safety, comfort, offshore race-winning performance and long term value.

Since 1979, Island Packet has become a worldwide benchmark for cruising sailboats. With an aggregate log of millions of miles of cruising in all environments, from liveaboards sailing protected coastal waters to solo circumnavigations—along with an unsurpassed record of customer satisfaction and award winning factory and dealer support— it’s no wonder Island Packet Yachts is America’s Cruising Yacht Leader.