Island Packet 360

well-equipped at$349,000

The new 360 delivers Island Packet’s widely respected and unrivaled combination of superb seakeeping and safety, exceptional comfort and livability, outstanding build quality, and award-winning value and customer satisfaction. With classic good looks that blend the modern and traditional, spirited sailing performance proven by a legacy of Island Packet offshore race victories, and premium materials, workmanship and equipment that help deliver the best warranty coverage in the industry, the new 360 continues Island Packet’s reputation as a benchmark for excellence.

Fundamental to Island Packet’s legendary status among the cruising community is our exclusive Full Foil Keel®. Providing a combination of seakeeping, safety, strength, stability, performance and moderate draft that is unmatched by any other keel configuration, this feature alone has been key in earning enthusiastic respect from our owners and winning worldwide acclaim for our yachts.

Coupled with our exclusive Hoyt Boom® equipped cutter rig, widely acknowledged as the best choice for cruising with its combination of performance, ease of use and versatility in a wide range of wind and sea conditions, the new 360 delivers the capability for delightful weekending and coastal exploring with family and friends while being fully capable of offshore passages to wherever one’s dreams may lead. The Full Foil Keel design also allows all tankage to be centrally located below the cabin sole, significantly increasing usable storage area throughout the interior, minimizing changes in trim with various tank levels and further enhancing what are already industry best stability qualities.

The new Island Packet 360 is a uniquely qualified and capable yacht offering an unparalleled combination of features that further Island Packet’s unwavering commitment to meeting the needs and desires of today’s cruising sailor.

Certified Quality

Each of our cruising yachts possess key features all available only on an Island Packet. From the Full Foil Keel® technology to the advanced PolyCore® deck, our yachts meet the highest standards of quality.

+ Key Features

Advanced Design

Island Packet stands above all other sailboat builders for its independent development of proprietary materials technologies, best-in-industry warranty coverages and decades of corporate leadership contributions to the industry.

+ In A Class By Itself™

  • Island Packets have proven to be strong, stable and sea kindly. They thrive offshore in difficult conditions and often out perform their inshore handicaps. Performance has also been outstanding, with more events having been won by Island Packets than by boats from any other builder.
    Cruising Rally Association